Restaurant Team Rules

Registration Prior to Cookoff

All Restaurant Chili Teams must register on the Chili on the Green website no later than August 1, 2019.  Any team registering after that date will not be accepted.

Day of Cookoff Check-in

Check-in the day of the cookoff will be between 7:00a and 10:00a.  All ICS cooks must check in at the official check-in table during that time period.  Any cooks that have not registered prior to 10:00a will not be allowed to participate.  There will be no exceptions.

Event Schedule

A schedule for the day’s events including cooks’ meetings, turn-in times, judging and the announcement of winners has been developed and we will do our very best to adhere to the times shown.  Click here to access the official schedule

Cook’s Event Schedule

Public Taster Samples.

Taster kits will be sold to the public to help raise money for our charities.  Restaurant Teams will be required to provide a minimum of 10 gallons of chili to give away as public taster samples.   This chili may be prepared on site the day of the cookoff or off site prior to the cookoff and reheated for the public.  Chili ingredients must be from licensed and inspected sources (no wild game allowed).  Cookoff staff will come to each team’s tent to verify they have the required amount of taster sample chili.  Any team that does not have the required amount will be disqualified from the competition and will not be eligible for any prize money or awards.

Overall People’s Choice Award

All Corporate Teams will be eligible for the People’s Choice Chili awards based on their public taster samples given away.  The winner will be selected by the public using tickets or tokens issued to them with their taster kits. They will be instructed to give their token to the chili cook or team they feel is the best.  Each team or cook will be given a receptacle to collect the tokens from the public.  The receptacles will be gathered, and the tokens counted to determine the winner.

Restaurant People’s Choice Award

In addition to being eligible for the Overall People’s Choice Award above, Restaurant Teams will also be competing for bragging rights and a Best Chili in Tulsa trophy.  The public will be issued an additional token to vote specifically for the best Restaurant Chili Team.  Each Restaurant team will be given two people’s choice receptacles, one for Overall People’s Choice and one for Restaurant People’s Choice.  The receptacles will be gathered, and the tokens counted to determine the winner.