Live Music


TNB is group of 6 great friends who all happen to be talented musicians. They came together over 20 years ago to start playing music on “Tuesday Nights” just for fun. That’s where the Tuesday Night Band (TNB) was born. The band members all had a love for the iconic music of the 70’s and 80’s and focused their attention on that genre. It wasn’t long before TNB started getting numerous requests to play at a number of private events. TNB then began playing Corporate events in Tulsa and Dallas along with a number of weddings and private events. They were also busy playing a lot of special public events at a major local casino, Riverwalk and Guthrie Green, just to name a few. With very busy professional work schedules, coupled with a strong desire to keep on playing their music and avoiding burnout, TNB decided to limit their public appearances to between 6 and 12 per year with the majority of performances occurring at private events. Today TNB, though still limiting their performances, is in great demand due to the quality of their performances and the popularity of their playlist. In fact their “limit” has them booked solid with private events for the remainder of 2022*. Sit back, relax and go back to a time of truly iconic music while you enjoy one of TNB’s truly rare public performances on the Guthrie Green Main Stage from 4pm-5:30pm.

*For all TNB booking inquiries send an email request through the website under the “contact us” tab. TNB is currently booked with no available dates through February 2023. TNB only plays non-smoking and/or outdoor venues.