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Platinum SPONSOR - $10,000

In addition to all the benifits of the Chili Row Sponsor(Minus the Chili Row Signage), our team works with our platinum sponsors to design a custom lineup of additional benifits suitable to their particular wants and needs.


The Chili Row Sponsor gets all the benefits of the Gold Sponsor plus:

  1. Your company logo displayed on our giant video wall
  2. Signage at both ends of Chili Row
  3. Your company logo as a live link on our website
  4. Your company logo will appear on our TV commercial scroll
  5. 5 additional tasting kits and t-shirts for a total of 15 each
  6. Up to 5 of your employees can participate as ICS judges


Main stage entertainment SPONSOR - $7500

The Main Stage Sponsor gets all the benefits of the Chili Row Sponsor plus: (minus the Chili Row signage)

We will run up to a 3 minute promotional video about your company on our Giant Video Wall every hour from 2pm to 10pm on the day of the event. (you must provide the video)

Grant Thornton, Entertainment Sponsor, Chili On the Green, Tulsa, OK.



The Tasting Kit Sponsor gets all the benefits of the Chili Row Sponsor plus: (minus the Chili Row signage)

  1. Your logo will be on the "All you can eat" chili tasting kits. These kits are sold to the general public on the day of the event.


Gold Sponsors get all the benefits of the Silver Level plus:

  1. A second chili booth.
  2. Five additional t-shirts.
  3. Five additional "all you can eat" tasting kits.


Silver level sponsors get all the benefits of the Participation level plus:

  1. FIVE "all you can eat" tasting kits.
  2. Up to two of your employees can participate as official ICS chili judges. These are the people who will be involved in selecting the Official ICS Chili Cook Off winner. Don't worry... we train them.

Co-operate sponsorship - $500

$100 for each additional team.

There is NO LIMIT to how many teams your company can enter.

This sponsorship opportunity Is an excellent employee engagement activity. A team 4-6 of your employees will actually participate by setting up a chill booth and cooking chili with the purpose of winning the "Peoples Choice for Best Chilli (non-ICS category).Each team isalso tasked with having a team for their booth and decorating it accordingly. The themes and decorations are what really make the festival fun for everybody. Go to the chilionthgreen.com website then click from the menu bar participate/official rules/corporate team rules. Also go to 'Cooks Event Schedule' for the timeline. This is an all day event ant most participating companies have shifts so that no one of your team is staying for the duration. You can structure your teams in any manner that works best for you and your employees.

*Chili team registration includes 10-10 space for your chili team on Chili Row.  All registered Corporate, Restaurant and Official ICS chili teams are required to provide10 gallons of chili for public consumption.  This is in addition to your official competition chili that must be prepared on-site at the event and in accordance with official ICS competition rules.